Guide To Palmers Green

Palmers Green is a more workaday neighbourhood a mile or so closer to central London. It is home to the largest Cypriot community outside Cyprus. Food lovers all over north London make for the crossroads of the North Circular and Green Lanes in southern Palmers Green, where the Turkish supermarket and stores create displays of fresh fruit and vegetables which put some British outlets to shame.

Palmers Green is full of community spirit: locals have planted a community orchard in Broomfield Park and there is a strong campaign - so far unsuccessful - to get the burnt-out shell of listed Broomfield House restored as a community centre. On Sunday, there is a well-supported community market - part farmers’ market, part craft fair, part car boot sale - in the station car park.

Palmers Green draws growing families who can’t afford a house in Crouch End or Muswell Hill. The majority of residents have strong family ties, so they tend to stay creating a close community feel.

In Palmers Green the best streets are in the Lakes conservation area between Aldermans Hill and Fox Lane. The price of a four-bedroom Edwardian semi is between £550,000 and £650,000.

Palmers Green is N13.